20's Plenty for Faversham!

Published: 28 June 2020

Faversham Town Council welcomes the news that funding for our Town wide 20mph scheme has been secured from the Department for Transport, through Kent County Council.

Cllr Eddie Thomas, chair of the 20s Plenty committee said, “our goal is for Safer Streets, Cleaner Air and a Healthier town. By slowing traffic down, people will see safer streets and we expect more people will choose to cycle or walk around town rather than driving. I thank Amanda Russell for founding the 20s Plenty for Faversham campaign, and congratulate her and the community group for their tenacity in campaigning over the past five years to make this happen.

The town council and the community group have received support from local residents, town centre cafes and shops, local businesses, local churches, Swale FoE, Plastic Free Faversham, Faversham Society, Women’s Institute, our county councillor, our MP, Kent County Council, Swale Borough Council, South East Ambulance Service and local GP’s, who see that 20s plenty helps to support the NHS through the health benefits that it brings.

I believe that this scheme will be Faversham’s new normal, setting a new tone, character and atmosphere for our town. I acknowledge that not everything will change overnight. So setting our new normal will require time, effort and the attention of all users of our streets.

The scheme has been designed by specialists with experience of which designs work and those that don't. The first phase that should be implemented by early August, is very minimal change. During the first six months these first changes will be reviewed along with feedback from the residents of Faversham, to see which of the pre-designed additional features need implementing next to achieve the goal of a Safer, Cleaner and Healthier town.

After eighteen months Kent County Council highways must decide whether the changes have been successful, and if so, to make them permanent.

Your Town Council will be working hard to make the scheme a success from the feedback you provide to the consultation and engagement exercise that an experienced team have been working on over the past few weeks. This will be starting very soon and we will share the details as soon as we have them.

So as you can see this is only the beginning and we plan to work with the people of Faversham to enable our town to develop Safer Streets, Cleaner Air and a Healthier population.”

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