Meetings are open to the press and the public. It is open to registered electors of the town to put questions to the town council before the formal business takes place. The council has a number of formal committees and working parties, through which work is progressed to the point of town council consideration and decision-making. The town council supports freedom of information to its electorate and minutes of council meetings, planning schedules and budgets are given below. Please click here for Freedom of Information info.

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Meeting dates for the civic year 2020 to 2021 

Committee Members and Outside Bodies Representatives  

If you would like copies of previous papers, please contact the Deputy Town Clerk, Adrienne Begent by phone 01795 503286 or email

Town Council Meeting

Meetings are open to the press and the public.


For any enquiries regarding the Planning Committee or other planning related matters, please contact Adrienne Begent, Deputy Town Clerk, on 01795 503286 or email

Public Spaces Committee

The aim of the Public Spaces Committee is to preserve and enhance the public realm of Faversham, with a particular but not exclusive focus on the conservation area.

Community Services

Dissolved May 2020

Heritage Working Group

The Heritage Working Group meets as and when required.

Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group

Steering Group for Faversham Neighbourhood Plan

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