The Mayor of Faversham

The Mayor of Faversham is Chairman of the Town Council and successor in a line of civic heads dating back to the mid 1250s. The Mayor is elected at the town council’s Mayor-making ceremony in May each year. The ceremony takes place in the Alexander Centre, and Faversham residents, Mayors and Mayoresses from across the county and other dignitaries attend this key event in the town council’s calendar. 

The current Mayor is Councillor Mrs Alison Reynolds BEM.

Having a special event? Why not invite the Mayor to mark the occasion?

The Town Mayor welcomes invitations to attend events held in the Town. If you are looking to book the Mayor or Deputy Mayor to attend your event, all invitations are required in writing, stating the date, time, venue, and background information of your event and what the Town Mayor is required to do.

Please contact the Deputy Town Clerk, Adrienne Begent on 01795 503 286 or email for more details.

The Mayor's Blog

I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has contacted Faversham Town Council and Swale Borough Council about the pedestrianisation of our Town Centre. Due to COVID-19, many people have let us know their views, whether by social media or by writing to the Town Council directly. We appreciate hearing from everyone. The majority of comments received have been supportive of the closure but we take on board the genuine concern that other people have had.

Some disabled people have said they find it easier to use mobility scooters and frames, also our elderly population living in or close to the Town Centre, parents with buggies and children all feeling safer.

I am however concerned and sympathetic that blue badge holders are not able to park directly outside shops throughout the day, but there are a number of designated parking spaces nearby. Please see map for location.

Alternatively, they can access the town before 10 am or after 4 pm. We are aware that businesses are doing their best to accommodate disabled visitors, providing appointments outside road closure times. I thank them for that.

As you are aware, government guidance has been changing by the day, particularly at the height of the coronavirus outbreak.

The Town Council wanted to help as many businesses to open when allowed and support the proposal to pedestrianize the Town Centre from 10 am till 4 pm six days a week for this very purpose.

We felt this would enable social distancing and encourage more people to shop in our town, as we realised that during lockdown people shopped online it would also enable the hospitality businesses, (who had ceased trading for the longest period) to reopen. We contacted businesses as soon as we could, but fully appreciate that it was with little notice.

Please be assured that the Court Street gate is the designated emergency entrance and the fire brigade have a key. We also have key holders on hand to open the gate for other emergency services.

Over the few months, we have met with and listened to businesses and passed on their concerns to Swale Borough Council. The Town Council has asked for the road closure to be adjusted to 10 am to 2 pm on non-market days and 10 am to 3 pm on market days, we believe this would strike a fair balance and give people a choice to come into town at a car-free period. We have been advised that Swale Borough Council will review the road closure again in September. A new loading bay has been formed at the rear of 12 Market Place and we requested other mitigations to ease the process. We know that footfall is increasing from undertaking regular footfall counts, but social distancing continues to be vital.

As we are aware, the Autumn, and beyond is going to be very challenging for all during this Pandemic. We have kept businesses informed of all central government, Borough and Town Grants that were available.

These strange times call for adaptation, mitigation, helping our families friends and neighbours and being supportive and respectful to all. Let’s please work together as the health and safety of the people is paramount. Walking around town, I see a great community spirit, people feeling more confident to come in, with the knowledge that we have made it as safe as possible for them.

Thank you for working together.

Cllr Alison Reynolds
Mayor of Faversham 
13 August 2020




New Year News - February 2020

A very busy end to 2019 saw me attending several Carol Concerts, all well supported. Firstly our traditional Carols in the Market Place where it rained cats and dogs, but that didn't stop the town turning out in force, cheerful and in good voice. Led by Father Brendan and supported by Churches Together with music provided by our own Faversham Brass. Then something new - Singalong Christmas rehearsed and produced by Rev Dan Cocoran, a very modern twist in a packed St Mary of Charity Parish Church with all ages taking part. I look forward to their production of Singalong Easter, rehearsals have started! My visit with the Carnival Courts to the Cottage Hospital and Cooksditch Nursing Home on Christmas Eve brightened up the wards, with their tiaras and beautiful dresses, brought smiles to the faces of patients and residents as we walked around. A highlight was meeting former Mayor, Kate Lee.

Visits to Luddenham School to present the prize to Summer for winning the Mayor's Christmas Card Competition, then to Bysing Wood School as one of their pupils had won a prize to have Reindeers brought into the school All the children, staff and myself enjoyed these wonderful events.

I enjoyed my guided tour of both schools which showed me a great standard of education is being achieved by dedicated staff in a very happy environment. Attending the Presentation Evening at the Queen Elizabeth Grammar School proved to be a very emotional experience as Sponsors, Families, Students and Teachers saw the culmination of 5 years of hard work being rewarded. Three students from the school became World Champions in Abu Dhabi in F1 in schools model racing, a week long event involving 54 teams from 24 countries. This event an over the same weekend in which the Formula One Motor Racing was scheduled to take place in Abu Dhabi and they were invited to visit the pits and watch the race, where Lewis Hamilton was the winner. What an experience and thanks to everyone involved.

Working with and for our young people is vitally important to me. The Youth Cafe has been well received and attended and I am really intrigued to see how our next project works - A SILENT DISCO, tickets for this are already being booked. An enjoyable evening at the Alexander Centre saw the 2020 Carnival Queens and Courts for Faversham being selected and crowned. Another voluntary Committee working incredibly hard all year round to fulfil their commitments.

At a Cinque Ports event I visited Sandwich and learned from their museum how strongly we need our own museum to supplement those we already have to specifically house our Magna Carta, our Chain of Office, Charters, along with other artefacts for permanent display. Following our open consultation regarding the use of our Town Hall at 12 Market Place, most people wished for the area at the front to be used for community. Your Town Council are actively seeking funding to achieve this project.

Our temporary bridge over the Creek is now in place, with a welcomed safer pedestrian access. This is only a first step towards the permanent long term opening bridge to be completed.

On 2nd February I watched the musical presentation of 'Our Beautiful Town' amazing, I dread to think how our town might have looked today. Our thanks must go to the Faversham Society led by Arthur Percival and his team of visionaries, who with passion and determination saved so much of our historic town from demolition and preserved our historic heritage. My gratitude also to those who continue the work that these dogged pioneers started.

My personal thanks to all the Committees, Volunteers including Councillors and staff for the commitment and hard work. Together we will achieve yet more for this unique community.

The Town and Port of Faversham 2020 looks very positive.

The Mayor Faversham
Cllr Mrs Alison Reynolds BEM


A Huge Thank You and Well Done To All

Usually I would have reported on events I have been privileged to attend, sadly this is not so. The first event cancelled following lockdown was The Mayor’s Ball, such a disappointment for all those planning to attend, my grateful thanks to those who donated to The Mayor’s Charity, this is verymuch appreciated.

A time of disruption in the life of our Town, Country and the World with enormous changes to our daily lives.

I must thank all of our NHS and Front Line Workers locally and our Army of Community Volunteers, too many to mention individually but such an amazing effort. I have always known our unique, kind, caring, compassionate, and supportive community spirit would enable us to work together making us resolute in overcoming Covid-19.

Special mention to our Foodbank, Age UK, West Faversham Community Association, The Carriage Restaurant and Ozzies Fishbar, all involved in providing meals and support to the vulnerable and disadvantaged. Our Council Staff and Councillors have been active in signposting the numerous contact enquiry details for those needing support. Three examples of the many enquiries.

A 90 year old’s relatives who live away were concerned that she would be celebrating this very special birthday alone, without them being present. Two Councillors took a cake along and stood outside her property(keeping their social distance) sang “Happy Birthday” she was so grateful for what was a very emotional occasion.

An 88 year old gentleman contacted the Town Office to explain he was low on cash and unable to visit the bank and pay his carer who brought him and his wife shopping. The Councillor offered to get cash and he could write out a cheque, problem solved.

An 86 year old lady was running out of wool and unable to receive a delivery from the Company she usually ordered from, they had been overwhelmed with orders (so many knitting while in isolation) Thanks to Multi Save the Councillor was able to buy enough wool for the next month, which she delivered, keeping her social distance. Small kindnesses make a huge difference!

Not possessing many technology skills or wishing to be part of that era, I know what an important part technology has had and is playing in our current situation. YouTube provides exercise session, singing, dancing a variety of arts and cooking programmes. Importantly it has provided support for school children and students to continue their studies at home. It has also provided humour, while keeping us smiling and connected with friends, colleagues and more importantly family. The creativity within our own Community is unbelievable. Two examples of this amongst many others have been, The Marsh family who made us smile with their very own version of One Day More from Les Miserable with brilliant relevant lyrics. I would hope they may perform live on stage at an event in the future. Emily Cook, a freelance journalist involved with the production of the Doctor Who magazine creatively allowed Doctor Who followers around the world to connect with each other by watching the same episode simultaneously, then discuss their thoughts. Both news items on BBC South East News. What undiscovered talent we have in our Community.

We have had many challenges to face over the years, this one is very different to any other. I’m grateful to the leaders of the various faith groups in the town for the way in which they have adapted in supporting their congregations, from the physical support by shopping and delivering essentials, the verbal and written support over the telephone and on line, for maintaining opportunity to worship through virtual daily bible readings and weekly services. For their pastoral responsibilities during this Covid 19 pandemic particularly supporting the families of those grieving the loss of loved ones who can’t be present at the funeral. Also for their prayer support of those struggling with anxiety and stress.

My role next year as your Mayor will be to help, encourage and support all to adjust to the inevitable changes that this crisis will cause.

We are all involved. TOGETHER WE WILL SUCCEED and that success will belong to us all. We have more to endure, but better days will return, we will be with our friends and families again. How we will celebrate and hug each other once again, a very necessary action which makes us feel human.

With Grateful Thanks To All
The Mayor of Faversham
Cllr Mrs Alison Reynolds BEM
23 April 2020


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