Town Sergeant 

There is a vacancy for the position of Town Sergeant. 

Job description

The Town Sergeant’s duties will consist of civic and ceremonial support to the Mayor and the Town Council; working with the current caretaker on minor maintenance of the Guildhall and the Town Council Offices.

    1. To attend the Mayor at all ceremonial and civic functions held within and outside the Town of Faversham, at the discretion of the Mayor and the Town Clerk.
    1. To attend the Mayor at all functions where the Mayor and associated parties require the services of an attendant/driver, either driving the Mayor’s car or where the post holder has his/her own car, to use his/her own car.
    1. To be responsible for collecting the civic regalia from the strong room, and replacing same after any functions to which the Mayor attends wearing civic regalia.
    1. To arrange the formation of formal processions of Mayoral party at civic functions as and when carrying the Maces and to acquaint himself/herself with the necessary ceremonial procedures relating to the use of the Maces.
    1. To wear the necessary uniform at ceremonial functions such uniform to be provided by Faversham Town Council.
    1. Maintaining refreshment stock levels and ordering and/or collecting shopping under the direction of the Town Clerk.
    1. Serving refreshments and clearing away thereafter on occasions when guests are entertained on behalf of the Town of Faversham.
    1. To liaise with the Town Clerk and to carry out the required duties for the arrangement of halls for civic and public meetings.
    1. To be responsible for the proper care and security of the Maces and Mayoral insignia and robes and to assist the Mayor in all aspects of dressing for civic functions. To ensure that the insignia and robes remain in good order and have authority, in consultation with the Town Clerk, for the repair of damage they may sustain.
    1. To arrange to fly the appropriate flag from the Guildhall flagpole on the required days as set out on the accompanying list. Half an hour each is allowed for the raising and lowering of the flag.

More details are available here 

The application form is available here

To discuss the position, please telephone the Town Clerk, Louise Bareham, on 01795 503286. 


Closing date 28th February 2019  


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