In the mid-1250s, soon after Henry III’s 1252 charter to Faversham, Robert Dod was the first person to be called “mayor”, to the annoyance of the Abbot of Faversham, who protested to the king as part of the long battle between townspeople and Faversham Abbey about who held authority over the town. In the mid 16th century a charter was granted to the Mayor, Jurats and Freemen of the Town of Faversham in 1546. It was subsequently regranted in 1685.

The council was established under the Municipal Corporations Act 1835 and, following local government reorganisation in 1974, Faversham Borough Council became a town council.

Faversham falls within Swale district and contains the four electoral wards of Abbey, Priory, St Ann's and Watling. These wards have seven of the forty-seven seats on Swale Council. At the last election in May 2015, Faversham residents voted for 12 Conservative Councillors and two Independent Councillors. Six of the 14 Members are also Swale Borough Councillor Members. Their details can be found here.

Faversham is a member of the Confederation of the Cinque Ports, being a limb of Dover, the town’s head port. As such, the Mayor of Faversham and the Town Clerk attend confederation meetings on behalf of the Town Council. Further details of Faversham’s Cinque Port links can be found by clicking here.